Preliminary MESA Day

MESA Day Competition

What is Preliminary MESA Day?

Over 500 middle school and high school students from the Sacramento Region compete in STEM competitions in order to qualify to attend Regional MESA Day. Here are some examples of the competitions:

  • Prosthetic Arm Challenge
  • Civil Structures
  • MESA Machine
  • Math Challenge
  • MESA Think Tank 
  • Balsawood Airplanes and Gliders
  • National Engineering Design Challenge
  • Coding Solutions

Why Should Students Participate?

MESA Day provides enrolled MESA students with an opportunity to apply mathematics, science and engineering principles to individual and team academic contests and, over time, to develop their mastery of these academic skills. Participants also receive recognition and awards for placing teams.

  • MESA Day exposes students to a university setting, college faculty, laboratories and more.
  • MESA Day builds self-esteem, confidence, and teamwork in students.
  • MESA Day encourages and motivates students to excel in STEM concepts and related fields.
  • MESA Day increases students' exposure to various industry and STEM networks, thus creating a deeper awareness of math and science careers.