UC Davis/Sacramento State MESA Center Thanks You!

As another year closes for the Sacramento Area Center, we would like to thank our teachers, UC Davis Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach, and most importantly our students. Many congratulations on another successful year. Together, MESA Works! We are committed to supporting our students in achieveing STEM excellence.

Welcome to the UC Davis/Sacramento State MESA Schools Program 

Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) has a proven track record in producing graduates within the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The MESA Schools Program assists California K-12 students in their pursuit of STEM based college degrees.  Support is offered in the form of advisement, competition, awards, college mentorship, and career guidance. Our community known as MESA helps to support and engage hundreds of first generational college bound or educationally disadvantaged students by providing opportunities to excel in STEM careers. Any student wanting to participate and learn more about hands-on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics activities is encouraged to become involved with MESA.

To learn more about how your local high school or middle school can participate in MESA related activities please contact your school administrator. The UC Davis/Sacramento MESA Schools Center (MSP), is here to support 6th through 12th grade college preparation and STEM related instruction in the form of MESA elective classes, after school clubs or mentorship programs. Our program is a joint collaboration with local school sites, university faculty, students, and industry partners.