Robert Cuentas


Position Title
MESA Assistant IV


From a young age my family instilled in me that education is the gateway to a successful life. I consider myself an international student because I went to school in Mexico before coming to the United States. Adapting to a new way of life and a new education system in the United States was a challenge but it has made me a better person today. I have a unique personality that makes everyone around me feel encouraged to work harder in order to pursue a better future; I am charismatic and enthusiastic about leadership and possess a strong work ethic. I believe that with teamwork and vision people can change the world. I consider myself a very humble and sincere person. I always try to have encouraging words for everyone and to help anyone in any way I can. I have different perspectives because I was raised in two different cultures, so I bring to the community different points of view involving different ideas about societies. I see challenges as opportunities to develop additional skills that will positively impact my academic and life experiences. My career goal requires me to give 100% dedication, work and time. Whereas others dream of what they want, I work toward accomplishing my goals by taking the necessary steps, challenging myself and not forgetting where I come from or those that have helped me achieve my goals.