Emmanuel Andrade


Position Title

SMASH Instructor


Emmanuel is a fourth year UC Davis student from Montebello, California. He is majoring in biomedical engineering with a focus on biomechanics, and pursuing a minor in computer science. He has been involved with MESA for many years since middle school and high school and is now a student assistant at the UC Davis MESA K-12 Center. Emmanuel is actively involved in a few on-campus organizations such as the Chicano and Latino Engineers and Scientist Society (CALESS), the Engineering Joint Council (EJC), and the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES). After completing his undergraduate education, Emmanuel plans to go straight to Graduate School to pursue a Masters and PhD in Biomechanics/Neuroscience to advance his career in Neuroprosthetics. Emmanuel is a strong advocate of higher education in STEM and encourages first generation, low income students to pursue college. Being from a similar background, Emmanuel hopes to be a role model for these students.